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The arts are so big they deserve their very own space on the Internet. .art domain name is about all the arts - all nine or more of them. This pure focus opens up significant new opportunities for sharing, experiencing and enjoying for all who love the arts.

If you're creative, you're .art

.art domain name is for all who connect or identify with the arts. If you're a creator, .art domain name is for you to put yourself out there. If you’re an institution, academic or an observer, .art domain name is for you to share your passion. If you're a brand or a company, .art domain name lets you show all those important to you that you are committed to the arts.

It couldn't be easier.

All you need to do is pick a domain name registrar - online reseller - to start the process. As soon as registration opens you can go to your registrar and search for the name you wish to own. If it is still available, go ahead and register your .art domain name for as long as you want.

Registration will open early 2013

.art is a top-level domain or extension.

A web address is composed of a string of your choice (eg : yourname) and an extension. Once you pick your web address .art, it becomes your unique address on the Internet. Now people can access your web page by typing and they can reach you on your own email address!

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